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Dolzina: 17:57
Umetnik(i)(skupina/group) Laibach
Naslov Koncert: MOŠA PIJADE. TOUCH OF EVIL 11.12.1982
Leto nastanka 11.12.1982
OpisSnemalec: Šime Strikoman Transkript besedila na začetku posnetka: This is the video recording of the second Laibach concert appearance in Zagreb, which happened at the YURM (Yu Rock Moment) Festival in the Moša Pijade Workers' University, on December 11, 1982. At this appearance an incident occurred which resulted in the group hardly being able to finish the concert. Dressed in Yugoslav army uniforms, Laibach used smoke grenades, which the members had smuggled out of the army, to make its programme more realistic. One of the grenades went out off too soon, injuring one of Laibach's female assistants sufficiently seriously that an ambulance had to be called. However, military personnel also arrived with the ambulance to investigate the incident. While Laibach was on stage, one of the group members kept the group of officers busy outside the hall. In reply to the officers' questions about why the group was dressed in army uniforms, and why musicians were using military equipment, a Laibach member replied it was "because of the military theme group was dealing with ". The officers finally left, and meanwhile Laibach managed to complete the concert, in a fair amount of chaos. Many things went wrong around this concert. Firstly the drummer did not show up, so the rest of the group decided to the show without the drums, which resulted in a very unusual way, almost ambiental industrial fell of the concert. Unfortunately this was also the final appearance of Tomaž Hostnik, who a mere ten days afterwards committed suicide. His powerful but strange shout at the end of the show is unforgettable. For all these reasons the concert later acquired the name Touch of Evil. CARI AMICI SOLDATI JARUZELSKI DRŽAVA SVOBODA
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