Domov O projektu
Dolzina: 25:32
Umetnik(i)(skupina/group) Laibach
Naslov Koncert: DOM MALČI BELIČ, 21.12.1984
Leto nastanka 1984
OpisSnemalec: Marjan Osole-Max Transkript besedila na začetku videa: 21.12.1984 Laibach played "incognito" at this clandestine concert, which was announced only with a poster with a Laibach cross and the name of the venue and date time of the show. Nevertheless, the concert was completely packed. The two recordings featured here are fragmented and not in the best condition, but they give some impression of the show. The show was filmed on the two separate cameras and there are different versions of the tracks performed. Ljubljana performance was filmed by Marjan Osole – Max and used by his kind permission. INTRO SODBA VEKA + TI, KI IZZIVAŠ SREDI BOJEV SILA/DOKUMENTI PANORAMA
Tip dela: video
Inventarna številka V
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